One Year High School Exchange 

Master English and become an expert in American culture by attending a full year of High School in the U.S. 

Program Overview

Students will live in the U.S. and attend a local high school for one school year.  While there, they will live with an American family.

Students’ studies take up the majority of their time, but they can also participate in regular cultural and recreational activities together with their friends and host family.  If they wish, they will also have the opportunity to get involved in extra-curricular school activities and clubs to learn new skills and meet new people.

After studying in the U.S. they will have mastered the English language, become familiar with Western culture and people, and learned a great deal about adapting in the global community.  In other words, they will not only come to understand Western culture, but will also gain skills necessary to adapt to any new culture or environment in which they may find themselves in the future.

Where will you go to school?

The Center for High School Global Alliances (CHSA) works together with several top-quality high schools.  Each one of these schools has a long-standing tradition of excellence with a wide selection of Advanced Placement (AP) classes and technology and career training courses.  They all offer concurrent enrollment courses with a local university allowing students to earn college credit while still in high school.  The excellence of the teaching staff is evidenced in the consistently high rankings the students receive on standardized and AP testing and the achievements of the extracurricular programs from music to arts to science to sports.

After you have been accepted to the Year Exchange program, we will place you with a specific school and give you more details about that school.

Where will you live?

Students live with American host families during their entire stay in the United States.  Your host family will help take care of you while you are away from home and help you adjust to living in a different culture and attending school abroad.  You can learn more about Home Stay by clicking here.

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Who is Eligible? 

Students who will be in high school and between the ages of 15-17 when the school year begins may apply to this program.  Prospective students must fill-out the online application as well as submit a 300 word or less essay explaining why they would like to attend this program.  

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How will spending one year abroad affect your schooling back home?

Students who study abroad during the first or second (sophomore or junior) years of high school, can leave their school for one year and return to the same school without any problem.  Upon returning to their home country students will pick up where they left off and continue with their schooling at the point where they left off; this means students will have to repeat the grade they completed abroad.

 Students who spend their last (senior) year of high school in the U.S. have the option of graduating from high school in the United States with an American diploma. Or, if they prefer, they can return to their high school back home to redo their senior year and graduate from high school in their home country.