2 Week High School USA Program

Make this program part of your language and culture studies

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Program Highlights

  • Complete immersion in the English language and American culture
  • Spend 5 days attending school with an American friend at an American high school
  • After-school activities with American high school students
  • Home stay with an American host family
  • Day trips and excursions to see the most famous tourists sites in Utah
  • Celebrate seasonal holidays and activities in the U.S.

Upcoming Program Dates

High School USA Fall: October 18 – November 1

High School USA Winter: January – February (Exact dates to be announced)

High School USA Spring: April (Exact dates to be announced)

Eligible Students

As High School USA is offered through schools, students must be attending a participating school. If your school is not currently participating in one of CHGSA’s programs, you may contact us here to find out how they can get involved.

If your school is already participating in one of our programs, and you need to submit a Student Application, click here.

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Benefits to Students

  • Increase confidence in speaking English with native English speakers
  • Improve listening comprehension skills and vocabulary
  • Gain an understanding of American culture by living with an American family and experiencing it first hand
  • Make American friends and contacts
  • Prepare to attend university or graduate school abroad
  • Become more equipped to compete in the increasingly global-oriented job market
  • Have an adventure of a lifetime

Watch a Video

Watch a video below to get a taste of what you will do during your High School USA program.