The Center for High School Global Alliances offers three International Study Programs.  Choose the program that best suits your needs to learn more.

High School USA (Two-Week International Study Program)

Geared to provide an intensive English and culture adventure, High School USA takes place during the school year and is provided directly through schools.  Students attend an American high school to experience life as an American student first-hand.  They also participate in English classes and exciting excursions and tours to reinforce their English and give them an opportunity to use the language in real-life situations.

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Coming to America Summer Camp

If you are looking for a fun and exciting international learning adventure, CHSA Summer Camps are for you.  With a combination of daily English classes and exciting excursions and tours you will improve your English, increase self-confidence, and gain a global perspective and understanding of western culture.

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One Year High School Exchange

Master English and become an expert in American culture by attending a full year of High School in the U.S.  Seniors even have the option to graduate from an American High School!   This option is ideal for students considering attending college abroad, but gives you the option to return home and continue with the education system there if you prefer.

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