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As a parent you know how important it is for your child to prepare for the future if he or she is to have a successful career and a comfortable life.  The world is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more students gain extra skills beyond those taught in school, thus making it more difficult to stand out as an exceptional applicant when applying to universities and jobs.  You may worry about whether or not  your child can achieve everything that you dream of for him or her.  At the Center for High School Global Alliances (CHSGA) we give your child what he or she needs to realize those dreams and earn success.


Improve English

Everyone knows the importance of learning English well, and your child is no exception.  To have success in his or her future education, job, or even his or her own business venture, your child must be able to read, write, and SPEAK English well.

By participating in one of our programs your child’s ability to speak and understand English with confidence will improve significantly.  You may wonder if your child’s English can really improve in only two or three weeks in the U.S., and the answer is yes!  The most important improvement will be in his or her confidence to speak with native English-speakers: your child will spend nearly every minute of his or her waking hours speaking with and listening to native-English speakers.  As a result, your child will soon see that although his or her English may not be perfect, he or she can communicate effectively in English, and it is that confidence that will make all the difference in your child’s continuing efforts to improve his or her English and communicate with foreigners.

In addition to gaining confidence for your child to speak with native English-speakers, your child will also gain improved listening comprehension and learn a lot of new vocabulary after being immersed in an all-English environment.  In the future as your child applies for jobs, prospective employers will be reassured that he or she commands the English language well when they learn of the time he or she spent in the U.S. on an international study program.

Gain a Global Perspective

English isn’t the only skill your child will need for future success: he or she will also need to have an understanding of different cultures and know how to operate among people from varying countries and cultures.  We live in a global economy now, and to be competitive in that environment, your child must be able to think and act with an open mind and an understanding of people who are different.  CHSGA provides students with the opportunity to gain this understanding as they participate in our programs abroad.

“. . .  in this modern world, you really have to be sure that your work force has the experience of being elsewhere. That experience then has the ability to ensure that you will be comfortable with change.

The biggest problems I see in a group of people who don’t embrace change is that they will always fight anything new, any new idea, any new concept, any outside point of view. . .

Almost all of the people on our staff have traveled all around the world, have lived everywhere.”

– Tachi Yamada, M.D., president of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Program

Prepare to Attend College Abroad

Whether your child is considering attending college abroad for an undergraduate program or for a Masters or Doctorate degree, joining one of our programs will help prepare your child in the following ways: First, your child’s improved English ability will make it easier for him or her to get a good score on the TOEFL or IELTS, and more importantly, will prepare him or her to operate in the all-English environment at the university.  Second, your child will join a tour of the largest private university in the United States, Brigham Young University, and participate in a brief workshop that the university offers to help prospective students learn how to successfully apply to college.  Finally, your child will be better prepared to live away from home in a foreign country as he or she will have already experienced it short-term and gotten a taste of what it will be like.

Make Friends from Around the World

It’s nice to have friends. . . and it can also be quite useful.  These days we hear a lot about networking, which means having friends and contacts that could be helpful in career or personal pursuits.  When your child joins one of our programs, he or she will make many new friends at the school he or she attends, in the community, and of course, in his or her host family.  As your child returns to your home country, he or she can keep in contact with them and perhaps in the future they may be able to reconnect or meet again.

Stand out in the Future Job Market

Many large companies these days don’t even consider job applicants who do not have a high level of English.  However, simply speaking English well is not enough to earn your child a good job.  Employers want people who stand out from the rest of the crowd and have something unique to offer; your child can gain that extra something by joining one of our programs.  To begin with, potential employers will be reassured that your child’s English is good if they see that he or she has spent time abroad on an international study program.  More than that, however, is that they will trust that your child has a more open-mind and an ability to think about things from a different perspective than others who have never been immersed in a foreign culture.  Remember that having gone on vacation to other countries does not give a person a true opportunity to experience the culture and to understand how the people in that country think and act, whereas joining an international study program does exactly that.

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