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The Center for High School Global Alliances is a non-profit organization based in Utah that brings students from Asia to study English and American culture in the United States.  Our students are eager to improve their English and expand their horizons as they learn about American culture, and they would also like to share a little about their culture with you.  We select only top-quality students who not only excel in school and English, but  who also have high standards and values.  You will likely be pleasantly surprised to see the work-ethic and high moral standards students participating in our programs hold.

As a host family you will have an opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life as you introduce them to your culture, beliefs, and values.  Studying in the U.S. and staying with your family will be a highlight of their adolescent years, and you can make that experience one they will never forget.  We are looking for families who would like to impact an Asian youth’s life for good, and ensure that their experience in Utah will leave them with a positive opinion of Utah and the people from Utah.

Host Families and Students at a Farewell Potluck Dinner

What does a host family do?

Host families will host an Asian student for two weeks.  While hosting, the family will do the following:

• Include the student in breakfast and dinner on weekdays, and all three meals on weekends.

• Have the student in their home in the evenings on weekdays, and all-day on weekends.

• Provide transportation to and from the meeting spot each day: the meeting spot is different for each program, but is generally the high school closest to your home.

Drop-off time is either 7:30 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. depending on the day and pick-up time is 5:00 p.m. (you will receive a schedule with the drop-off and pick-up times for each day and the main activities in which the students will be participating).  We encourage families to carpool to make this as convenient as possible.

Students will spend the daytime at school participating in classes, activities, and excursions around Utah.  They will spend the evenings and weekends with their host family.  When students are at home, host families can go about their lives as usual, but will be able to include their exchange student in family activities.

We encourage host families to organize simple family activities such as making homemade pizza or other American food, having an evening at home together,  or attending a local sporting event or other activity as often as is convenient for them.  As they do so, they will find that they are spending special family time together and sharing that experience with a student who will be learning not only about American culture, but also about the family values many Americans still hold dear.  Many host families have children the same age as the exchange students, and they often enjoy including the exchange student in their outings with friends or in local scout or youth group activities.  If a host family attends a church on Sunday, students will be welcome to join to them, but will not be required to do so.

Will we have to alter our normal routine to host a student?

Host families are encouraged to go about their life as usual.  In doing so, they will provide an opportunity for their exchange student to experience real life in the United States. As far as scheduling is concerned, students will be at school all day long on weekdays, and will often have their own things to do during the evenings and on weekends. Students will likely spend some of their free time completing homework , as they will be attending their program in the middle of the semester, or resting.  Students are also required to record a daily journal starting at 9:00 p.m., after which time they will prepare for bed and have light’s out at 10:30 p.m.

Is there any compensation for hosting a student?

Yes, host families can receive compensation for hosting.  Please contact us for more information.  

How do we become a host family?

Fill-out the application below to help us know which students will be best suited to stay with your family.  After we receive and process your application, we will contact you with further information about hosting and to finalize the details of your hosting experience.

Host Family Application ›