Home Stay

Students live with American host families during their entire stay in the United States.  The host family helps take care of the students while they are away from home and helps them adjust to living in a different culture and environment.  Students join the family for breakfast and dinner on weekdays (lunch is provided at school), and for all meals on weekends.  As the students participate in family meals and activities, they become good friends with their host families as well as learn from them about their culture and way of doing things.  Such an experience is an ideal way to come to understand American culture: students experience the culture for themselves through the time they spend with their host families.  Home Stay also ensures that the students are immersed in English all day and have constant opportunities to practice their English.

Our host families are carefully screened and selected to ensure that they are safe and that their home will provide students with a loving and uplifting environment.  Each host family has high standards for themselves, which means among other things that they do not smoke or drink alcohol or view violent or sexually explicit media, and will require students staying with them to live the same standards.  To ensure that a high standard is maintained, all students accepted to a Center for High School Global Alliances program are required to sign and live by an Honor Code of Conduct while participating in the program.