The Center for High School Global Alliances (CHSGA), a non-profit organization, offers students experiences that will ensure them a more successful future by arming them with the skills and knowledge essential for success in today’s global market economy.  We specialize in International Study Programs that bring Asian students to the United States where they improve their English and experience American culture first-hand.

We offer much more than a trip to the U.S.: we give the students a full English and culture-immersion experience in which every moment of their time abroad is packed with opportunities to learn and grow.  Currently we offer a variety of programs that take place both during the United States’s school year  and during summer vacation.  Students who attend the school year program typically do so during their winter or summer vacation if it coincides with the regular school year in the United States.  CHSGA offers short-term programs lasting between ten days and three weeks as well as longer programs lasting up to three months.  All programs include the option of home stay with an American family or dorm stay.  The newest addition to our program repertoire is a University Pathways program that prepares students to enter the university in the United States and even earn college credit while still in high school.

In addition to our programs, we also form alliances between schools in Asia and schools in the United States by coordinating exchange programs between the two schools and opening the way for the schools to exchange both students and ideas.

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about our programs and how they can benefit you, your child, or your students.

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